Monday, April 09, 2007

Time Off

My family and I spent a simple and quiet holy week at home. We had simple fried fish and vegetables for Good Friday (it's been a tradition not to eat meat). I myself have refrained from baking and blogging for a couple of days as a means of sacrifice (depriving myself of what I really want). It gave me more quality time with my family and to reflect ones life.

Since we were just at home I made some caramel popcorn for my kids to enjoy while they watch their favorite movie at home. It was quick and easy. I made it using a microwave oven. Just as good as the ones you find in the stores.

Pineapple Almond Tart from Polar
I bought this lovely pineapple almond tarts at Polar and I may say I really liked it. The tart itself is not sweet at all, even the pineapple filling was just right. Wish I could get a similar recipe for this tart. I' d really like to make this.

Hot Cross Bun from Bread Talk
Yesterday afternoon I was at Vivo City alone. My hubby was kind enough to look after the kids while I'm away. In fact it was his idea that I should go alone, sort of my "time off" with the kids. I wanted to check out the new Daiso outlet which opened late last year. I was a bit disappointed though since it was rather small and there was nothing much to see. The place was pretty disorganized and there wasn't any new stuff to browse. On my way home I dropped by BreadTalk to buy some bread for my boys and I chanced upon this hot cross buns. I haven't tasted it although I have read about it in cookbooks. I was curious how it tasted so bought some for myself. The taste was okey, a lightly spiced bun, soft but substantial. At least now I know :)


Happy Homebaker said...

It's always good to have some "time-off" to ourselves. I do that once a while to keep myself sane ;)

Anne said...

ha!ha!ha! I totally agree with you :)

evan said...

haha ladies, how can you keep yourself sane while deprived of what you really wanna do? LOL.

anne, your popcorn looks really good. love the shiny & glossy texture. i've always refrained from making them coz im quite "afraid" of them popping. its like i dunno when they'll be done. once i made this using a covered wok and when i opened the cover, some kernels popped right at my face. hv been avoiding that since. but microwave sounds like a better method. anyway, how long does it approx take?

Happy Homebaker said...

Anne, sorry, I think my finger was too quick, my earlier comment was half written...not even half, just started ;)

always remember that you are not alone...I think mothers are all alike...we behave almost the same way towards our kids...we get frustrated with them, and yet, you won't want to be too hard with them. You will always think that you are not doing good enough as a mother...but on the other hand, sometimes you would secretly wish that you are rid of them so that you are free to do whatever you want...and when you are given that little "freedom" or start to miss them when you were barely 1 hr out of your house!

I am not as patient as you have not seen me in action when my kids drive me up the walls, haha ;)

Brilynn said...

My dad used to make the best caramel popcorn when I was little, I haven't had it in ages!

Anne said...

Evan, I love caramel popcorn except the part when I have to actually cook it. Same with you, I too find it hard to tell when it's already cooked. Using microwaveable popcorn makes things easier. We use Orville Redenbacher's Gourmet Popping Corn. All you have to do is place the paper bag inside the microwave for 3-4 mins. I make the caramel and when the popcorn is done I just pour the caramel inside and shake. Microwave again for 30 seconds then shake. Repeat the process 4 times. Pretty easy. I made only half of the recipe and there was still some 1/4 cup left.

Anne said...

Brilynn, my family is crazy about popcorn. You should try making it yourself, it's pretty easy :)

Happy Homebaker, very well said. What you said is 100% true. In fact when I went out last Sunday, I was in Vivo City for barely an hour. It was lonely walking alone by myself. It feels weird when I have nothing to nag about :) lol!

Patricia Scarpin said...

I haven't had caramel popcorn in ages! I love it and now I want some pretty bad, Anne! :)

Anne said...

Patricia, do try it. It's barely 10 minutes to make it :)