Sunday, December 18, 2011


Denice Cake

No 2 cookies

Hello Kitty Cookies

I made this cake for little Denice. Sad to say I made a grave mistake when I misspelled her name. It should be a C not an S. I was so disappointed with myself and although I could have corrected it by going to their place, unfortunately there was not enough time. I have to admit my body couldn't handle the long hours of baking and cake decorating. My body and mind wasn't functioning anymore after days of lack of sleep. Oh well! the joys and pains of baking. I swear I learned my lesson from this incident... again my sincerest apologies A.


wendyywy @ Table for 2..... or more said...

Merry Christmas in advance to you.
Not going back this year?

I know making fondant cakes is truly time consuming... I still don't dare to do this. Take care and rest more.

Anne said...

Thanks Wendy! We decided to stay for the holidays because my son will be starting Sec 1 this coming January.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is wonderful. I am getting a builtin oven (reno going on) and was looking for baking blogs in Singapore. Can i know where you bought the wholemeal flour, buckwheat flour, organic products etc.pls reply with your email id as i do not have outlook in my laptop. My id is
thank you.

Anne said...

I usually buy my special flours at Cold Storage under the brand Red Bob's Red Mill :)